Let Ring

• Feb 20, 2016 - 17:14

Is there any way to add a let ring on guitar tab?


Like this:
let ring.jpg
By default, not, as in GP eg.
But you can easily do it once and for all now.

1) Lines palette -> drag/drop or double-click the text line with the "VII"
2) Right-click on the text line -> Line properties -> change the beginning of the text: "Let Ring" instead of "VII" (you can untick "Hook" End, like me, for the example, or not, see EDIT)

3) If you want italic style (?) : continue by pressing the button [...] just in the front of the same "text Begin" -> Press italic button in text style -> Ok

4) For finish, click on the line -> In Inspector (F8), change the line style for: dashed eg

I attach the sample. You can install this new line in a palette by drag and drop (with Ctrl + Shift kept pressed), and so, you can reuse this line when you want.
let ring.mscz

EDIT: you can add if you wish a hook. Always in Line properties: End (0.50sp value eg)
let ring hook.mscz

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