Condensing music layout very slightly

• Feb 21, 2016 - 23:44

I am returning to working with MuseScore after about 18 months without touching it, and I'm afraid I need some help recovering my earlier knowledge.

Under v. 2.0.0 I have a five-bar section, with four changes to time signature, that prints in a single staff on the page. Opening the same file using v. 2.0.2, that section expands to occupy two staves on the page:

In v. 2.0.0: single_staff.png

In v. 2.0.2: two_staves.png

My question: Is there a step I can take to compress the contents very slightly so that they take up a single staff again, as under v. 2.0.0?

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single_staff.png 15.58 KB
two_staves.png 17.67 KB


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