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• Feb 23, 2016 - 10:30

For those of you using Notepad++ for hacking SFZ files I am attaching a zip file containg the XML Notepad++ definition file for SFZ opcode highlighting, which will automatically enable when loading an SFZ file into the editor.

Notepad++ is an Open Source editor very useful for programming and editing XML files etc. It is available here.......

Also in the zip is an example file which will explain the highlighting system, but will not play in an SFZ player!

Both these were hacked from Simon Cann's definition for Ultraedit.

Of note is that non standard opcodes (eg Plogue SFZ extensions and the original SFZ player specific opcodes) are marked with red text.

Hope you find them useful :)

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Very many thanks for this, ChurchOrganist.

I've imported it into NP++ and at first glance it seems to do the job extremely well.

A quick question, if I may?
I see from the description that it highlights Plogue SFZ extensions, how up to date is it with these sfz codes? Do you have any idea?

I'm in the throes of altering the xml and sfz files that come with GPO5 and assume I'm not going to find any strangeness? ;-)

Kind regards,

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I'm not sure about the Plogue extensions.

I made the Notepad++ extension using data from Simon Cann's extension for UltraEdit which was found in the 2nd edition fo Cakewalk Synthesisers: From Presets to Power User.

This was published on 2010 so Plogue may well have defined more opcodes since then.

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Many thanks.

I found a site yesterday which lists the new opcodes and headers. I must renavigate to it and have a look at whether they are included.

Strangely your code worked beautifully when I first imported it by now doesn't seem to.
Can you tell me where the xml file should be located so that it loads automatically?
Sorry, I'm very new to NP++.

Kind regards,

Added later:
The Plogue forum has their extra headers and opcodes it can be found at

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