Band in a Box Import

• Mar 28, 2011 - 14:07

Very new user here, groveling in shame to admit he has not read the FM.

Opening a Band in a Box file (,MGU) gives me a screwy melody line that jumps arbitrarily between two different treble clef staves. Is this somehow normal? Will it cure itself when I figure out how to display a single staff, in a leadsheet?

MuseScore seems very promising. The (stock) timing interpretation is awfully strict for jazz. And that melody-staff thing is disconcerting so far. But grabbing out the chords looks excellent on quick inspection, and it's the great trick users have needed to get free from Band in a Box notation.

Some of us in the Band in a Box forum are just finding out about this, so we may have many questions that you people have long ago settled. Sorry.



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Thank ye. Marc, for the reply and for posting that tutorial, which I had found already. I have just started to work through it. I'll surely be back begging for water.

This is my first look at MuseScore. The native Band in a Box print feature has a certain charm and some clever features. It will belt you out a bare-bones leadsheet fast. But the emphasis is on "bare". It is eccentric and quirky in operation, perhaps even buggy. Users of the program have hoped for nicer leadsheets for a long time. Occasionally a company person mutters something about Music XML but we can't make out what he's saying.

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