• Feb 25, 2016 - 13:53

How can I adjust playback so that piano and pianissimo do not fade to nothing?


If your speakers are set so low you cannot hear pianoissimo passages, you might start by turning them up. if that is not viable for some reaosn, you can try turning up the overall MuseScore volume in View / Syntheszier, but be ware this means the loudest passages will possibly clip (sound badly distorted). You could also use the Inspector to override the velocity setting for specific passage or specific dynamic markings.

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You should also be aware that the default MIDI velocities in MuseScore run from extremely superquiet for ppp (I dont have them available at the moment, but close to the minimum possible) to extremely superloud for fff (again, close to the maximum possible). This dynamic range is way too much for most purposes (although I understand the intent to spread the dynamics across the entire available spectrum). It may be that you need to use the Inspector to raise the velocity for ppp, pp, and p, and/or lower it for fff, ff, or f in order to get a balance that's not too soft in the quiet passages or too high in the loud sections.

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