Repeats not playing correctly

• Feb 14, 2009 - 18:01

I don't know if this is a bug or a user error. I'm new to MuseScore and I've been entering some easy songs (melody line only) to teach my wife how to read music. I've had music composition training (three years at Berklee), so I think I'm entering the data correctly, but when I play back the pieces that include repeats, the repeats get confused at the second ending and will add a note or two from the first ending and perhaps a beat or two of rests. I will happily send a copy of an example if it will help. Thank you.


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I tried removing the End bar at the end of the second ending and that just gave me different wrong results, i.e., for the second ending and the Fine, the final two measures would be the second measure of the first ending, followed by the second measure of the second ending. It almost looks like the two-measure volta is not being recognized.

The anchors for the volta (indicated by the dotted line when you change the length) are in the wrong place. See lines for details. If you correct the anchor positions (using shift+right) the repeats will playback more correctly. However MuseScore does not correctly play the volta measures after the D.C. repeat.

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