GSoC: Week 11

Posted 7 years ago

The actual PR for the improved Explode tool,
the actual PR for the improved Implode tool and the actual PR for the new excerptsdialog.

Last week

Last week I was able to make two important steps. First one was to complete work on the explode tool, so now it is possible to explode voices of one staff to voices in staffs below and the undo command is working again for this. Second thing was a self-inflicted bug which caused wrong beam directions. It took some time to find this, but it solved many issues with wrong beam directions in tests. After enabling some tests again, I had many problems with the guitarpro tests. They do all use the method cloneStaves() to create the guitar part. It made some small things visible as a missing crescendo but it also has some positive effect. For some reason I don't understand by now the tremolo bars are saved twice. This doesn't happen with the new cloneStaves() method.

Next Week

There are two weeks left for the Google project. In the next week I'm going to have a closer look on missing tests especially for Implode and Explode. Then I'll clean up code and make it ready to commit.

In the last week I'll illustrate the things I did in this working period and create a bigger blog (or forum?) entry for this.

Thanks for testing and your response,