GSoC 2019: Chord Symbol Playback - Week 2

Posted 4 months ago

Made some good progress this week moving forward despite dead week work!

So Far

This week I have accomplished most (arguably all :)) of what I set out to do. I'm still in the progress of cleaning up the code into a more robust data structure to prepare for the next steps, but the data structure is integrated and running. I've also got a very simple system of realizing full chords and all of their notes. It's stacked triads over their root/bass an octave below--pretty horrible voice leading--but, it's fairly functional. Here's a look at what it does:

Week 2 Stacked Realization.gif

I know it's mostly just the circle of fifths, but... guess where I took this chord progression from!

This Week

Going into this week, I hope to clean up the realization into something a bit more pleasant and consistent, but also to begin and work on the direct playback of chord symbols. That is, playback without having to make a few clicks and without needing to create a separate staff. I haven't yet investigated this deeply, and so I'm not yet able to give a confident estimate for how much I can accomplish.

This week is finals week and so it will start out pretty slow. Good news, though, is that I'll be on summer break afterwards and can more comfortably focus my time working on this project. So the idea for this week is just to clean up the existing code and read and experiment with less familiar code.

Next week we will pick up speed :) I'm looking forward to it!


The demo looks exciting to me!👍 I'm not professional and self-learning harmony in my spare time, and the feature may hopefully help me a lot in the future:)

Looks really good! My assumption is that the rendermidi code will allow you to pul from your data strucutres and build appropriate events as we do for trills, tremolo, etc.

BTW, I recognize the example as "Fly Me To The Moon" although no doubt there are other songs that use the same chord progression :-)