GSoC 2022 - Harp pedalling week 4

Posted 1 year ago

Hello all,

This week has seen a lot of progress in terms of style and adding text diagrams. I'm at a point where I can show you the examples from Debussy's Arabesques seen in the first blog post in MuseScore! The work so far has been added to a pull request. This isn't entirely finished however, and I have a few extra bits to add before it's mergeable.

Ex 1: Excerpt from Debussy's Arabesques with harp pedalling in diagram and text form

The text pedal diagrams will just show updates from previous diagrams when added to the score. In the next diagram the full pedal settings are D♯, C♯, B♮, E♮, F♯, G♯, A♯. However, only an A♯ is shown as the previous diagram accounts for the other pedal settings.

Ex 2: A single string change

Next steps

At the start of week 5 I'll be finishing the last couple of tasks left on my to-do list for the first pull request. This will include deciding how the screenreader deals with the text diagrams in the score and adding a section for the pedal diagrams in the style preferences dialogue. Then with the diagrams all finished I can begin work on the pop-up UI to edit them.

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