GSoC 2022 - Harp pedalling week 6

Posted 1 year ago

Hello everyone,

I have one week left to finish the MVP for the pedalling diagrams, and I'm very close! This week I managed to get the UI for the diagrams mostly put together - there are a few layout and spacing tweaks to finish off, and the placement of the popup within the score leaves a lot to be desired. Despite this, the diagrams are on their way to being editable through the UI. Currently they can be changed between text and diagram, but pedal editing isn't far behind!

Ex 1: The unpolished UI

In creating the pedal popup I have had to implement an abstract element popup type which will hopefully be useful in future for making other quick changes to notation without leaving the score. This will have a similar role to the context menu but offer more rich editing potential, as demonstrated by its use in the case of harp pedalling.

Next Steps

My final tasks before submitting my second pull request will be to tidy up the spacing and placement of the popup, make the pedal settings editable and make sure editing is undoable.

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