GSoC 2016 Workproduct - Playback

Posted 7 years ago

Workproduct GSoC 2016 - MuseScore Playback improvement


My progress during GSoC 2016 has been documented in this very Blog.

Code that has been merged into the Project

The following code has been merged into the master branch

This includes the following features:

Things that are not yet merged

Open PRs

Work done but no PR yet:

Improvements that could be done in the future

I plan to add these features after GSoC!

Short time goals:

  • Zerberus opcodes
    • Trigger legato and first
    • sw_lokey, sw_hikey, sw_last, sw_down, sw_up, sw_previous, sw_vel
    • Stereo: width, pan, position
  • MidiSpanner/MidiAction
    • multiple events on one spanner (trigger two different CCs on
      one spanner)
    • Offset for MidiSpanner events
    • Add play notes/program changes to MidiSpanner
  • Soundbanks
    • describe overwrite articulations
    • legato gate time
  • Profile changes to Fluidsynth (performance)

Long time goals:

  • Zerberus
    • Pitch opcodes (envelopes, lfos, …)
    • LFOs
    • Filter infrastructure
    • Effects
    • Standalone?
  • Midi
    • improve/fix ornaments

Things that have been done that are not code related