SoundBanks part2

Posted 7 years ago

I created the second video of the SoundBanks screencast. This one shows how I changed a SoundBank from a global setting to something that adds new Instruments. I also show how a SoundBank loads SoundFonts and that it can add new MidiActions that for example make MuseScore compatible with Native Instrument's Kontakt.

SoundBanks part2


Just came across this post - holy cow, would I ever use the heck out of this feature! Awesome work!!!

I'm assuming dynamics, crescendos, articulations, etc. would be set on an instrument per instrument basis?
Since I mainly compose for plugins anyway, different plugins have different ways of treating dynamics.
Where Session Strings use velocity for dynamics for example, String Ensemble by NI uses modulation.
Changing to pizzicato for example is also treated in different ways. Where Session Strings wants a midi channel change, SE wants a Note Value...
So if i can actually workout the different dynamics in the midi that i'd export out of musescore after composition, it would have a huge impact on editing the instruments in the daw later on.

Uhhh, how cool this would be!