Soundfont Showcase: MF Natural Concert Guitar

Posted 7 years ago

I thought it would be nice to show you some soundfonts I discovered that use new features of Zerberus. Today I want you to show "Natural Concert Guitar" by Markus Fiedler.

You can get it here - and find more information about it on this website (alas it is in german). It uses a modified creative common license - it is based on a CC-BY-NC-SA. It is modified in the way that it allows commercial usage under "normal usage". For more information I refer to the text on the distribution website. (I'm not a lawyer so I give no guarantees!)

It has note off samples and all samples use 3 times round robin. Because of that it doesn't work in 2.0.3 at all (since round robin is not working there!) but it works like a charm in current master (even though some opcodes are not supported). In 2.0.3 it just plays a note one time and remains silent after that.

I think guitarists will love this soundfont. It sounds round and crisp and I heard a lot that the default guitars in musescore doesn't sound anything like guitars. So this is probably something that will change how much fun you'll have with musescore!

But here is something for the ears. It is Bach's Bourree BWV 996 - you can find the score here.

Please feel free to recommend other public domain scores that would make good use of this soundfont and I'll add recordings to this post!

EDIT: Here is some information on the missing opcodes of that soundfont.

  • effect1 - controlls the level of effect 1 (reverb), this one is not so important since we have our zita master reverb
  • pitchlfo_freq - this sets the vibrato frequency
  • pitchlfo_depthcc1 - this controls how much vibrato is applied using CC1
  • ampeg_releasecc72 - this adds this possibility to increase the release time via CC72


Thank you for pointing me to this soundfont. It really sounds very nice. However, I fail to install it in Musescore (ver. 2.1). When I right-click on the sfz-file to install it I get an error message telling me that this is an unknown file type and cannot be read. Could you give me some advice? Is there a way to install the file via the menu? I can't find it in the manual. What am I missing here?

Thank you very much in advance.

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