OpenScore: Reserving a piece to transcribe

Posted 6 years ago

One way to get involved with OpenScore is by transcribing a piece on your own. This is a good option if you prefer to work independently and are reasonably confident in your abilities as a transcriber. (If you are less confident then you might prefer to sign-up to take part in a group transcription first, but bear in mind that you might have to wait a while before a place becomes available.) If you transcribe a piece on your own you can get started immediately, and you are always welcome to ask questions on the forums so you shouldn't feel alone by any means!

Reserving a piece

If you would like to do a transcription on your own then you need to pick an available work from the list of works liberated by the Kickstarter campaign at (These are the only works for which we are accepting transcriptions at the present time, but we will move on to look at other works later.) We can reserve the piece for you so that nobody else transcribes it before you, but first you need to demonstrate to us that you seriously intend to transcribe the work. To do this, you must:

  1. Choose your IMSLP source edition.
  2. Create a template score in MuseScore.

To reserve a piece to transcribe, simply send a message to OpenScore Transcriptions that contains:

  1. A link to the work's IMSLP page.
  2. The reference number of the IMSLP edition you will use
  3. A link to the the template score on your MuseScore profile.

You should do your transcription directly in this template score and continue updating the online score using MuseScore's Save Online feature.

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Once we send the email, do we get any sort of confirmation about whether we've actually reserved the piece? I'd hate to find out I've been doing something that is ultimately pointless.