GSoC 2017: Accessibility - Week 4

Posted 5 years ago

This week I reimplemented some features of palette navigation based on the feedback I got on my post More feedback would be welcome.

Key accomplishments

  • Reimplemented some features of palette navigation:
    I changed the shortcut keys to select next/previous palette item to up/down arrow. I also changed the shortcut to apply a palette item to Enter. I also made changes so that if no palette cell is selected, pressing up/down arrow selects the first/last search result.

  • Fixed the mouse hover problem, in which the palette selection was lost on moving the mouse:
    I fixed this by making a change in the leaveEvent() and event() functions in the palette class. The current palette selection is now unchanged when the mouse is moved across the palette. Since the palette has to be reset at some point, I deleted the selection after the selected palette element is applied.

  • Started working on assigning a shortcut to a palette cell

Key tasks that stalled

  • Fixing the mouse hover problem

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Work on assigning a shortcut to a palette element

  • Modify the mouse behavior to change the current selection on single click, when the filter is active.

  • Modify the mouse hover behavior so that the palette cells are highlighted on moving the mouse, when the filter is active but no selection has been made