Frequently Asked Questions

End User License Agreement

  • Can I give MuseScore to friends or students?

    Of course, you may give any of the versions of MuseScore on to other people, or share it internally via a server.

  • What license is MuseScore released under?

    MuseScore is released under the GNU GPLv2 license. To learn more about the GPL license, visit or


  • Can I use MuseScore commercially?

    Yes, you can.

    MuseScore does not impose any ownership or license on your work, whether it's sheet music, exported audio files or the .mscz files themselves. What you make is entirely your own creation and you decide what to do with it.

  • How do I report something?

    We have a thriving community who could help with your problem, or request.

    Firstly though, we advise that you complete a search to see if your query has already been asked, or addressed by others. If you cannot find anything, you may post in the forum.

    Whilst generally left to those with some knowledge and experience, you may also file established reports in the issue tracker, but please refrain from posting queries there.

  • Is there is a full version available of MuseScore?

    There is no demo, trial or limited version of the open source MuseScore software. There is only one version, which has no limitations and can be downloaded for free from

  • What is the difference between and is home to the open source MuseScore developer and contributor community. Its forum is the ideal place to ask any MuseScore related question. is a community site to share your sheet music with your friends via the web and mobile applications. The site has social features such as embedding, commenting, annotating, statistics, groups and it comes with an open API for third party developers. The site offers free accounts, but has a Pro Account for those who want more.

  • When will the next version of MuseScore be released?

    Starting from MuseScore 3, there are rolling releases every 2-4 weeks. Just make sure the Auto update check is enabled.

  • Why am I getting a message that the MuseScore download could harm my computer?

    Some operating systems will, by default, warn you before opening certain files downloaded via the internet.

    If you have downloaded MuseScore via the or websites, there is absolutely no risk with installing it on your computer.

  • Why are some elements not rendered for playback?

    MuseScore's primary purpose is producing sheet music to be performed by players.

    The current playback facility is provided as an aid and considered a lesser priority, but we do seek to make more elements renderable for future versions.

  • Why doesn't my MIDI look very good in MuseScore?

    MIDI was partly designed and intended for performance/playback purposes - therefore, it does not embody certain characteristics found when reading sheet music.

    In the current version 2.0, MuseScore uses more sophisticated algorithms and provides options to ensure your file imports as smoothly as possible to sheet music format.

    For import and export of sheet music, MusicXML is strongly recommended instead.

  • Why isn't MuseScore available for my operating system?

    MuseScore strives to support as many operating systems and their versions as possible.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of some, it becomes difficult, or impossible for the third party tools and components MuseScore is dependant upon to support, which in turn means we are unable.

    For platforms in which it is possible, it could mean that we are awaiting a maintainer for it. If you are interested in becoming one, please contact us.

  • Will there be a MuseScore editor for mobile?

    Currently, there are no plans for a MuseScore editor on mobile platforms.

    Instead, we focus much of our resources on developing the optimal experience for desktop and the MuseScore Player for mobile.