Default keyboard shortcuts

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    On macOS, make the following substitutions:

    • Replace Ctrl with Cmd (or )
    • Replace Alt with Option (or )
    • Replace Home with Fn+Left
    • Replace End with Fn+Right
    • Replace PgUp with Fn+Up
    • Replace PgDn with Fn+Down
    • Add Fn with function keys
    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Zoom in Ctrl+= Cmd+=
    Zoom out Ctrl+- Cmd+-
    Zoom to 100% Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
    Go to first element in score Ctrl+Home Cmd+Fn+Left
    Go to last element in score Ctrl+End Cmd+Fn+Right
    Jump to next screen PgDn Fn+Down
    Jump to previous screen PgUp Fn+Up
    Jump to top of first page Home Fn+Left
    Jump to bottom of last page End Fn+Right
    Jump to next page Ctrl+PgDn Cmd+Fn+Down
    Jump to previous page Ctrl+PgUp Cmd+Fn+Up
    Find / Go to Ctrl+F Cmd+F

    Score navigation

    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Select next chord Right Right
    Select previous chord Left Left
    Go to next measure Ctrl+Right Cmd+Right
    Go to previous measure Ctrl+Left Cmd+Left
    Select next element in score Alt+Right Option+Right
    Select previous element in score Alt+Left Option+Left
    Select note/rest above Alt+Up Option+Up
    Select note/rest below Alt+Down Option+Down

    Note input


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Note input: toggle note input mode N N
    Show/hide piano keyboard P P
    Use voice 1 Ctrl+Alt+1 Cmd+Option+1
    Use voice 2 Ctrl+Alt+2 Cmd+Option+2


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Set duration 19 19
    Set duration: 32nd note 2 2
    Set duration: 16th note 3 3
    Set duration: 8th note 4 4
    Set duration: quarter note 5 5
    Set duration: half note 6 6
    Set duration: whole note 7 7
    Toggle duration dot . .
    Enter tuplet Ctrl+2Ctrl+9 Cmd+2Cmd+9
    Enter tuplet: duplet Ctrl+2 Cmd+2
    Enter tuplet: triplet Ctrl+3 Cmd+3
    Enter tuplet: quadruplet Ctrl+4 Cmd+4
    Add tied note T T
    Halve selected duration (includes dotted values) Shift+Q Shift+Q
    Double select duration (includes dotted values) Shift+W Shift+W


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Enter note AG AG
    Add note to chord Shift+AShift+G Shift+AShift+G
    Enter interval Alt+1Alt+9 Option+1Option+9
    Toggle accidental: flat - -
    Toggle accidental: natural = =
    Toggle accidental: sharp + +
    Enter rest 0 0
    Add grace note: acciaccatura / /


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Set duration (TAB) Shift+0Shift+9 Shift+0Shift+9
    Set duration: 32nd note (TAB) Shift+2 Shift+2
    Set duration: 16th note (TAB) Shift+3 Shift+3
    Set duration: 8th note (TAB) Shift+4 Shift+4
    Set duration: quarter note (TAB) Shift+5 Shift+5
    Set duration: half note (TAB) Shift+6 Shift+6
    Set duration: whole note (TAB) Shift+7 Shift+7
    Enter TAB: fret 09 09
    Enter TAB: fret AK AK
    Go to string above (TAB) Up Up
    Go to string below (TAB) Down Down
    Toggle ghost note Shift+X Shift+X


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Select all Ctrl+A Cmd+A
    Add to selection: previous note/rest Shift+Left Shift+Left
    Add to selection: next note/rest Shift+Right Shift+Right
    Add to selection: staff above Shift+Up Shift+Up
    Add to selection: staff below Shift+Down Shift+Down
    Select to beginning of measure Ctrl+Shift+Left Cmd+Shift+Left
    Select to end of measure Ctrl+Shift+Right Cmd+Shift+Right
    Select to beginning of score Ctrl+Shift+Home Cmd+Shift+Fn+Left
    Select to end of score Ctrl+Shift+End Cmd+Shift+Fn+Right



    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Escape Esc Esc
    Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
    Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z Cmd+Shift+Z
    Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
    Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
    Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
    Repeat selection R R
    Insert one measure before selection Ins Ins
    Insert measures before selection Ctrl+Ins Cmd+Ins
    Insert one measure at end of score Ctrl+B Cmd+B
    Insert measures at end of score Alt+Shift+B Option+Shift+B
    Delete Del Del
    Delete selected measures Ctrl+Del Cmd+Del
    Show/hide properties F8 Fn+F8
    Edit element F2 Fn+F2


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Set duration 19 19
    Enter tuplet Ctrl+2Ctrl+9 Cmd+2Cmd+9
    Add tied note T T


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Toggle accidental: flat - -
    Toggle accidental: natural = =
    Toggle accidental: sharp + +
    Move pitch/selection up Up Up
    Move pitch/selection down Down Down
    Move pitch up an octave Ctrl+Up Cmd+Up
    Move pitch down an octave Ctrl+Down Cmd+Down
    Change enharmonic spelling (concert and written pitch) J J
    Move note to higher string (TAB) Ctrl+Up Cmd+Up
    Move note to lower string (TAB) Ctrl+Down Cmd+Down


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Flip direction X X
    Use voice 1 Ctrl+Alt+1 Cmd+Option+1
    Use voice 2 Ctrl+Alt+2 Cmd+Option+2

    Manual adjustment

    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Move text left Left Left
    Move text right Right Right
    Move text left quickly Ctrl+Left Cmd+Left
    Move text right quickly Ctrl+Right Cmd+Right
    Move selection up Up Up
    Move selection down Down Down
    Move selection up quickly Ctrl+Up Cmd+Up
    Move selection down quickly Ctrl+Down Cmd+Down



    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Add text: staff text Ctrl+T Cmd+T
    Add text: expression text Ctrl+E Cmd+E
    Add text: system text Ctrl+Shift+T Cmd+Shift+T
    Add text: tempo marking Alt+Shift+T Option+Shift+T
    Add text: rehearsal mark Ctrl+M Cmd+M


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Format text: bold face Ctrl+B Cmd+B
    Format text: italic Ctrl+I Cmd+I
    Format text: underline Ctrl+U Cmd+U


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Add text: lyrics Ctrl+L Cmd+L
    Go to next syllable Space Space
    Go to previous syllable Shift+Space Shift+Space
    Lyrics: enter hyphen - -
    Lyrics: enter melisma _ _
    Add lyric verse Return Return
    Go to next lyric verse Down Down
    Go to previous lyric verse Up Up

    Chord symbols, Roman numeral analysis, Nashville numbers, figured bass

    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Add text: chord symbol Ctrl+K Cmd+K
    Next text element Space Space
    Previous text element Shift+Space Shift+Space
    Advance cursor: next beat ; ;
    Advance cursor: previous beat Shift+; Shift+;
    Advance cursor: duration Ctrl+1Ctrl+9 Cmd+1Cmd+9

    Other score elements

    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Show/hide palettes F9 Fn+F9
    Search palettes Ctrl+F9 Cmd+Fn+F9
    Add slur S S
    Add articulation: accent Shift+V Shift+V
    Add articulation: marcato Shift+O Shift+O
    Add articulation: staccato Shift+S Shift+S
    Add articulation: tenuto Shift+N Shift+N
    Add hairpin: crescendo < <
    Add hairpin: decrescendo > >

    Score setup and formatting

    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Add/remove instruments I I
    Open instruments dialog F7 Fn+F7
    Toggle visibility of elements V V
    Decrease layout stretch { {
    Increase layout stretch } }
    Add/remove system break Return Return
    Add/remove page break Ctrl+Return Cmd+Return
    Reset shapes and positions Ctrl+R Cmd+R

    File Operations

    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    New Ctrl+N Cmd+N
    Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
    Close Ctrl+W Cmd+W
    Save Ctrl+S Cmd+S
    Print Ctrl+P Cmd+P
    Quit Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q

    User interface


    Action Windows/Linux macOS
    Play Space Space
    Show/hide mixer F10 Fn+F10