Measure rests

    Full measure rest

    A whole rest, centred within a measure (shown below), is used to indicate that an entire measure (or a voice within a measure) is silent, regardless of time signature.

    Full measure rest

    To create one or more full measure rests

    Use the following method if all selected measures are "standard"—i.e. with no custom durations:

    1 Select a measure, or range of measures.
    2. Press Del.

    If one or more of the measures contains a custom duration, use the following method instead:

    1. Select a measure, or range of measures.
    2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

    To create a full measure rest in a particular voice

    1. In the appropriate voice, enter a rest that extends for the full measure.
    2. Make sure the rest is selected, then press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

    Multi-measure rest

    Multi-measure rest

    Multi-measure (multi-bar) rests indicate a long duration of silence for an instrument and are frequently used in ensemble sheet music. They are automatically interrupted at important points, such as double barlines, rehearsal marks, key- or time signatures, etc.

    The number above the multi-measure rest indicates the number of measures that the rest lasts for.

    To display multi-measure rests

    Press M on your keyboard to turn multi-measure rests on or off.


    1. From the menu, choose StyleGeneral...
    2. Click on the "Score" tab, if it is not already selected
    3. Add a check mark next to "Create multi-measure rests"

    Note: The style option automatically combines empty measures into multi-measure rests throughout the score. Therefore, it is recommended that you enter all your notes first and then turn on multi-measure rests afterward.

    Break multi-measure rest

    See also: Measure operations: Break multi-measure rest

    You may want to have a multi-measure rest divided into two multi-measure rests.

    This option should be checked before turning on the "Create multi-measure rests" option in Style → General..., in the "Score" tab.
    Select the first measure where you want the second multi-measure rest to start, and do a right-click Measure Properties → Break multi-measure rest.

    Note that multi-measure rests are interrupted if there is a rehearsal mark (not a simple text), section break, key or time signature change, or double barline.

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