Release notes for MuseScore 3.0.2 (January 29, 2019)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
MacOS 10.12+:, Windows 64-bit:, AppImage: 3.0.2. (revision: 8ca4d2c) 29.01.2019
Windows 64-bit: (HotFix for #283046: Changing preferences or workspace leads to error) (revision: a8b90a8) 30.01.2019
Windows 32-bit package: 3.0.2.XXXX (revision: 8ca4d2c) XX.XX.2019


  • Reworked login screen when using Save Online allows signing in via Facebook and Google and creating an account from within the editor
  • New easy fingering input mode and improved layout


  • Plugins framework didn't work
  • Grace notes displayed the wrong size in TAB staves
  • Default window size was too large on a multi-monitor setup
  • Color was not available as a text style setting, including issues with coloring lyrics for different voices
  • Slurs were not exported properly to MusicXML
  • Tempo text was not imported properly from MusicXML

Complete list of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • #282701: Change to “Pizzicato” from Part score doesn’t work

Layout and automatic placement

  • #282384: Grace notes display wrong size in TAB staves
  • #268123: Wrong vertical position of breath mark
  • #281269: Import V2.3.2 to V3. Dotted barlines not imported
  • #280807: Regression - 3.0 doesn’t distinguish between fingerings and LH guitar fingerings.
  • #280088: Improve the L H Guitar Fingering by adding an override option
  • #279113: Fingering: note accidental can result in collision
  • #280412: Fingering: collision with arpeggio bracket
  • #280516: Fingerings do not avoid beams
  • #280078: RH Guitar Fingering: vertical placement issue
  • #280017: Fingering vertical placement wrong on imported score
  • #279241: Fingering: automatic placement wrongly positions LH Guitar Fingering
  • #274936: Incorrect fingering text position
  • #267499: Update fingering position on change of beam orientation
  • #115861: Alternative fingering default position, all above the staff
  • #279963: Vertical placement issue with the new L H Guitar Fingering


  • #281980: Arco and pizz. text should be non-italics
  • #280497: default window size way to large on multi-monitor setup (on Win at least). Shouldn't be bigger than primary screen


  • #278175: Easy fingering input mode
  • #280613: Color not available as a text style setting
  • #281805: User text style compatibility with 2.x
  • #281821: Mid-measure barline from the palette isn't deletable
  • #281896: "Hide courtesy" setting not preserved on save/reload
  • #280885: "First page number" in Page Settings no longer works

Corruptions and/or loss of data, crashes

  • #282186: Crash when loading a score of version 1.3 involving tremolos and underlying corruption
  • #280686: MuseScore 3.0 crashes on opening if JACK Audio has been registered on Windows.
  • #280937: Lyrics with hyphen on two systems crashes the program when changing the instruments order


  • #280740: Plugins no longer work in master
  • #282764: plugins random and random2 fail on RUN
  • #282050: Note Names Plugin doesn't work
  • #279289: Color note plugin has no effect
  • #278913: Color notes plugin not working
  • #278505: ABC Import plugin not working
  • #280740: Plugins no longer work in master


  • #269939: order preset list to account for similar instruments on banks > 0
  • Fix translating of brackets elements in palettes
  • Add Filipino language
  • #21435: [MusicXML] always export Slur placement
  • #163726: [MusicXML Import] Losing Tempotext when saving as mscz/mscx
  • #280121: Frame text positions incorrect on MusicXML export
  • #282997: Make login via Facebook and Google possible when saving scores online