Release notes for MuseScore 3.0.1 (January 15, 2019)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
MacOS 10.12+:, Windows 64-bit:, AppImage: 3.0.1 (revision: 06a66a2) 15.01.2019
Windows 32-bit package: (revision: 06a66a2) 20.01.2019


  • Redesign of New Score Wizard makes it easier to search templates, provides better score previews, and significantly improves accessibility for blind users
  • Reworked Mixer UI allows minimizing and making it dockable
  • Better automatic placement of hairpins and dynamics
  • Better import of 2.X scores


  • Properties were not saved properly in a number of cases
  • Layout was broken after operations with measure rests and tuplets
  • Time signatures appeared incorrectly in some cases and might lead to crash
  • Using the implode tool on notes connected with slurs led to crashes
  • Editing a barline was applied incorrectly
  • Context menu on instrument names didn't appear
  • Pages with landscape orientation were cropped when printing
  • Playback went crazy on saving
  • Tempo was applied incorrectly in certain cases involving fermatas
  • Slurs were lost or detached in some cases
  • Autoplacement couldn't be switched off for stems and arpeggio

Complete list of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • #279203: MIDI Input / Output doesn't work
  • Fix incorrect fermata stretching and tempo changes
  • Fix playback glitches when saving score

Layout and automatic placement

  • #280710: Tied notes not added correctly in part other than first
  • #280350: Multimeasure rests extend into other measures, through other parts of the score
  • #280422: Hairpins should align with start/end dynamic
  • #151256: Long lyric syllables at end of measure can overlap first syllable of next
  • #279585: Frame gap wrong in score imported from v2
  • #281327: Measure Numbers and Section Break
  • #280383: Edit handles for tie appear above wrong staff
  • #279643: Cross-staff arpeggio placement
  • #280677: Autoplacement won't allow a stem crossing staves


  • #280749: Chords in french notation are not formated correctly if accented letter expected
  • #280749: Tool tips for key signature in the new score wizard or master palette don't show accidentals
  • #280749: Width of new Mixer
  • #279814: Allow instrument name change by double or right-clicking name in score
  • #278939: Shift / Control and dragging an element does not work (drags the score instead)
  • #279622: All ottavas in the palettes are 8va
  • #280234: The message box of exporting WAV stuck on saying 0% before finishing
  • #276194: It should be possible to re-init MIDI IN after plugging in new MIDI keyboard
  • Redesigned New Score Wizard
  • Made Mixer panel dockable and floatable
  • #280538: Some Tours strings show up as untranslated
  • #280908: Landscape PDF cropped on the right side
  • #280850: Articulations dialog: no reset buttons etc.


  • #279377: Image capture renders text wrong size for some users
  • #280522: TextEdit edit mode lost after undo...shouldn't be deselected
  • #280666: Disable mouse drag ability for Measure Rests because they can't be easily laid out while dragging
  • #280715: Identical subsequent notes disappear on MIDI input
  • #281432: Placement of lines set by "X" command lost on save/reload
  • #279373: Ottava placement is always reset to "Below" on resetting to style
  • #279033: Expression text badly placed by default, placement not saved
  • #281312: Lines with manual adjustment in 2.x displaced horizontally on import
  • #280609: Dynamics placement above/below not remembered after importing MuseScore 2 file
  • #280400: Staff text unexpectedly repositions when "Set to style" is pressed for different element
  • #280631: Autoplacement cannot be turned off for pedals
  • #281350: [Feedback form] Start repeat barline changes applied to a barline go to the previous barline
  • #280523: Switch size changes with staff space settings does not affect styles individually
  • #281720: Images read with incorrect size 2.x->3.0

Corruptions and/or loss of data

  • #280574: Corruption when deleting and selecting beats with two instruments
  • #280547: tuplet brackets connected to two staves, moved up a staff, causing score corruption and crashes
  • #280640: Attaching grace note to first note of triplet corrupts score
  • #281321: Create irregular measures from second measure and followings results in corruption


  • #280775: Crash if inserting rehearsal mark on a multimeasure rest
  • #280771: Crash on adding notes in voice 2 using MIDI or piano keyboard input
  • #280690: Editing slur in a score with parts leads to crash
  • #281130: Crash of MuseScore 3 on opening a certain 2.x score
  • #281175: Removing rests attached to slurs in a voice >1 causes a crash
  • #280817: Implode tool crashes if two voices and a slur in Voice 2
  • #280814: Crash when adding new time signature in the measure of a clef change
  • #280830: Time signature replacement crashes if double-clicking first on it
  • #280714: Crash by removing instruments with parts in a certain configuration
  • #280623: Change a preference or workspace from a MIDI file results in crash
  • #280668: Removing note line 3 of organ crashes MS3
  • #280503: Copy-paste tremolo with slur causes crash
  • #281573: New Score Wizard crashes if "Done" is pressed when "Choose Instruments" is selected
  • #281761: Adding interval to note in parts leads to crash
  • #281068: Regression - All accidentals in Edit mode crash the program
  • #281020: Slurs settings and saving added instruments lead to crash
  • #281411: Lyrics: select all and reset causes program to freeze
  • #281504: Swap 4/4, C or Cut time if there is another time signature further in the score crashes the program. Also happens when changing from 4/4 to 2/4
  • #281154: Crash with first note of measure set to beam middle and nothing to beam to
  • #281761: Adding interval to note in parts leads to crash


  • #281146: Add "User" text styles to Inspector dropdown for fingering
  • #280632: Add shaker, fix tubo instrument
  • Add more channels to instruments