Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Category Version Replies Last updated
No sound on Mac, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty patch (code needs review) major bug report 3.0-dev 92 1 jour
The figured bass crashes if first the selected measure is empty patch (code needs review) critical bug report 3.0-dev 2 1 jour
Cannot use the mouse to enter notes on a staff with invisible lines patch (code needs review) normal bug report 2.2-dev 1 1 jour
Export to m4a active normal feature request 3.0-dev 7 1 jour
MusicXML file import causes crash active critical bug report 3.0-dev 11 1 jour
[MusicXML import] Crash on XML Import caused by duplicate clef definition in multi-part file with late time signature active critical bug report 2.1 4 1 jour
Chord symbols transposed incorrectly between parts & score on Notes / Transpose active normal bug report 2.1 4 2 jours
Virtual singer active normal feature request 3 2 jours
Loading updated translations needs restarting MuseScore to take effect active normal bug report 3.0-dev 0 2 jours
Allow making staff invisible staff in excerpt/part active minor feature request 2.1 5 2 jours
Plugin development with QT Creator active minor feature request 1 2 jours
Entering numbers and navigation are broken in TAB staff active major bug report 3.0-dev 2 3 jours
Missing default keyboard shortcut for "Save as.." active minor bug report 2.2-dev 20 3 jours
To show selected notes on the "piano" control patch (code needs review) normal feature request 2.2-dev 4 3 jours
Ignore accents when searching instruments patch (code needs review) normal feature request 2.1 4 3 jours
Embed MP3 support by default active normal task 3.0-dev 6 5 jours
Stem direction not automatically redrawn when beam direction is not explicitly changed. active normal bug report 2.1 4 5 jours
Copy paste issue with lyrics and TAB active normal bug report 4 5 jours
[Mac] No sound via Bluetooth or Airplay needs info normal bug report 2.1 25 5 jours
Percussion crosshead notes: Reset button wrongly set to "active" active normal bug report 2.1 2 5 jours
Repeats, Jumps and Volta follow-up active normal bug report 2.2-dev 2 6 jours
No sound when playing needs info normal bug report 2.1 1 6 jours
Unable to add a glissando between two grace notes. active normal feature request 2.1 3 1 semaine
Crosshead notes in tablature are too small active normal bug report 2.1 10 1 semaine
command line mode should not require X server active normal feature request 2.1 8 1 semaine