Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Undo reset doesn't restore beam position active 2 2 years
SFZ files: "Load Default" button does not clear selection from Zerberus active 1 3 years
Sychronisation of articulations and line properties between Score and Drums-Part needs info 6 7 years
MusicXml does not set the proper font when importing from MusicXml active 5 2 years
Change drumset style/setup via command line and a style file active 18 2 years
[EPIC] ALBUMS issues active 1 2 years
Add a "play" property to bend to control if they are played or not active 1 7 years
Copying all layout information to parts active P2 - Medium 56 4 months
Glissando collides with accidentals active 4 9 years
Way to disable mouse input while in note entry mode active 7 7 years
"MuseScore 1.0 is released" page in English is missing active 6 3 years
Bad note spacing with user modified beam on chord with seconds active 0 7 years
Tooltip doesn't appear in main window when it looses focus active 1 9 years
Playback issues / High CPU usage when using large soundfont (sf2) on laptop active 2 7 years
Staff style is not propagating from full score to parts and cannot be created in Staff Styles dialogue active 1 8 years
Trombone ranges active 9 3 years
"Signaler un bug" in french "Report a bug" needs info 11 7 years
Label waltz active 1 1 year
Underline chord name active 5 7 years
Bitonal chords (eg. G# plus Gb) active 6 1 year
No sound output active 16 7 years
Barline misplaced in score with small staff and increased scaling active 4 9 years
Slur and phrase end notes should play at 90% length active 37 2 years
Multi-voice rests not centred to notehead active 2 7 years
Blue strip partially appears, then disappears after enabling and disabling Documents Stacked/Side by Side needs info 1 2 years