1/16 with point?

• Oct 19, 2008 - 15:17

Hi there.
It seems to be impossible to be impossible to type 1/16 with a point (don't know how you say it correctly in english, just look at the attachment).
If i click the 1/16 and . and add the note I always get 1/8 note.
Still here in 1174.

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I also had a similar problem: When trying to edit a dotted note, I click "N" then the note-value then "." then I click on the original dotted note, but MuseScore puts a non-dotted note in its place and a rest for the remainder time. Immediately after this I try to remedy the situation by turning off note-entry mode then pressing/clicking "." since the non-dotted note is selected, but it refuses to change to a dotted one.

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