Ideas 2012

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Your proposal

We strongly believe that the best proposal for you is the one you'll do. If you have any suggestions, come on IRC channel #musescore, or contact us on the developer mailing list

Instrument Editor

  • read instrument description files (done)
  • build a GUI to display and edit all instruments
  • show list of instruments
  • display all attributes of currently-selected instrument
  • make all attributes editable
  • create new instrument, use currently-selected instrument as a starting point
  • remove instrument
  • change currently-selected instrument
  • save instrument descriptions
  • save as

Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Skills: C++ / Qt. No detailed knowledge of MuseScore internals is required, except for the InstrumentTemplate class usage. The code is mostly independent of MuseScore core development.
Estimated LOC required is 4000.
Possible mentor: lasconic

Beam mode editor

A UI to edit the rules of beam groups and a way to assign the rules to measure, staff etc... similar to time signature (measure based, different by staff)

Difficulty: Moderate
Skills: C++ / Qt. A bit of knowledge of MuseScore internals.
Possible mentor: lasconic

Symbol Editor

Create an editor for MuseScore specific graphical symbols which are in SVG format.
A specialized (simplified) variant of this project is to create an editor for note heads.

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Skills: C++ / Qt. Requires some knowledge of MuseScore internals.

Integrate Breakpad

What is BreakPad
"Breakpad is a library and tool suite that allows you to distribute an application to users with compiler-provided debugging information removed, record crashes in compact "minidump" files, send them back to your server, and produce C and C++ stack traces from these minidumps. Breakpad can also write minidumps on request for programs that have not crashed. Breakpad is currently used by Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Picasa, Camino, Google Earth, and other projects."

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Skills: C++ / Qt
Possible mentor: lasconic