Title API compatibility Category Author
31-TET Retuning plugin (Musescore 2) 2.x Accidentals, Playback matt28
ABC Import 1.x, 2.x Import lasconic
Add and remove courtesy accidentals 2.x heuchi
Add comments to a score 2.x lasconic
Add Note-Name Noteheads 2.x Notes & Rests jensm
Ascii Tablature Convertor 2.x Convertor fotisDil
Auto Accompaniment 2.x Notes & Rests bazhenoff
AutoBeam 2.x Batch processing kjav
Batch Convert 1.x, 2.x Batch processing, Export, Convertor, Import Marc Sabatella
Brass fingering and trombone slide positions 2.x Text runekamel
Brass_Fingering 2.x SlowLoris
Check for parallel fifths and octaves 2.x Proof reading heuchi
Check Harmony Rules 1.x, 2.x Analysis, Proof reading c3yvonne7
Chord Identifier (Musescore 2.0) 2.x Chord symbols ben._
Chord Identifier (Musescore 2.3) 2.x Chord symbols xx_kk
Clarineau Fingering from Kunath 2.x Notes & Rests matthius
Color all Half Step Notes (Sharps & Flats) Red 1.x, 2.x magataganm
Color notes like Yamaha Tyros 5 2.x skunt
Color Strings for Cello 2.x Simplified notation Acidy
Color the notes of each voice 1.x, 2.x ozcaveman
Color/Uncolor Notes v2 & v1.2 1.x, 2.x Chord symbols, Notes & Rests, Simplified notation Djamana
Copy Staff 2.x Notes & Rests bazhenoff
Copy/Fill from "a2/div" style score 2.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests jeetee
Count Notes (Create performance notes from score commonly used in Handbell scores) 2.x Analysis magataganm
Cue Notes 1.x, 2.x Notes & Rests, Playback Marc Sabatella
DAA Strum Stick 2.x Simplified notation Jeffrey Edwards
Diminished harmonica 2.x Text bazhenoff
Display music as koto/shamisen notation 2.x Convertor beuranr
Display music as shakuhachi notation 2.x Convertor beuranr
Doubletime_v2_0 2.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests Doctor Vegetable
Dulcimer Tab 2.x Keith Onstad
Erhu Numbered Notation V2 2.x Notes & Rests yu1row
Fiddle Fingering for musescore 2.x Simplified notation Christophe Corsi
Fingering Colors 2.x Notes & Rests unbob
Fingering positioner 2.x CombatCube
Generate Notes from Chords annotations 2.x Chord symbols, Composing tools berteh
Halftime for MuseScore 2 2.x Composing tools turion
Harmonica Tablature (Harp) 1.x, 2.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation, Text lasconic
Harmonica Tablature revised edition 1.x, 2.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation, Text untei
Harp Colour Notes by Pedal (Musescore 2.0) 2.x kzh
Harp Pedal Diagram 2.x Other lasconic
Harp Pedal Diagram (Musescore 2.0) 2.x kzh
Harp Pedals Diagram 2.x Other Heather Cornelius
Hohner Soprano Recorder German Fingering 2.x Other Juan Pedro Paredes Caballero
IEEE 1599 Export 2.x Export luca.ludovico
Insert Tempo at the beginning of a score 2.x Playback SightReadingSounds
iRealPro 2.x Chord symbols Norman Schmidt
Jianpu Numbered Notation 2.x Simplified notation tcbnhrs
Koto Notation 2.x tcbnhrs
List the measures following the repeat list 2.x vgStef
Midi Instrument Training 2.x Other jbd
MIDI Sight Reader 1.x, 2.x Other DonH
Mirror Intervals 2.x Composing tools billhails
Mustaq Import 2.x Import nandopen
Native American Flute 2.x Simplified notation Jeffrey Edwards
Note Names 1.x, 2.x Jojo-Schmitz
NoteMapper Pitch-Transformation Plugins 2.x Composing tools, Notes & Rests PaulSC
Notes names in french 2.x Analysis sterzock
Parsons Code Exporter 2.x Export, Convertor jeetee
Pivot Chords 2.x Composing tools billhails
PruneStack 2.x Notes & Rests birdwellmusic
Quarter Tone Playback 2.x Accidentals, Composing tools, Playback gildebert
Quena fingering 2.x tcbnhrs
Random Notes Generator 2.x DonH
Recorder tablature updated 2.x Fenjuh
Remove notes color 1.x, 2.x lasconic
Reset Dialog Positions for v2.0.3 2.x Other jeetee
Score Overview 2.x Other stevel05
Seagull Merlin - CheckNotes 2.x Simplified notation Jeffrey Edwards
Select Hand 2.x tfrancoi
Set Whole Bar Rest Unvisible 2.x Notes & Rests olivo
Shakuhachi notation 2.x Notes & Rests tcbnhrs
Shape notes - Sacred Harp & Aiken 1.x, 2.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation lasconic
Shinobue notation 2.x tcbnhrs
TempoChanges 2.x jeetee
Text editor for Lyrics 2.x Text Robbie Matthews
Traditional Vocal Beaming 2.x Batch processing heuchi
Trumpet Fingering and Notes English 1.x, 2.x Notes & Rests avcavc
Tuning Cents 2.x Playback HosAdeeb
Tunings and Temperaments 2.x Playback billhails
UltraStar Export Plugin 2.x Export Joseph Eoff
Violin Colour code 1.x, 2.x Notes & Rests, Simplified notation serge.tkint
Voice Velocity 2.x Playback billhails
XaphoonTab - fingering for Xaphoon in C 2.x Notes & Rests skunt