Google Summer of Code 2016

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Update: Google Summer of Code 2016 is over. Read all about the results of GSoC 2016.

MuseScore is part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016!

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Applications are now over and Google announced the selected students. MuseScore has 4 students.

Improving default playback

Johannes Wegener (hpfmn) will improve the default playback of MuseScore by updating our SF2 synthesizer (Fluidsynth) and improving our new SFZ synthesizer (Zerberus). Goals are updating fluidsynth to include features and fixes that went into upstream since the fork, adding legato support to fluidsynth (likely via Midi CC68), adding midi CC11 support to midi rendering (for rendering single note/chord (de)crescendo) and overall add a lot more opcodes to zerberus (mainly looping support and ADSR). Johannes will be mentored by Werner Schweer (wschweer).

Johannes' fork of MuseScore on GitHub:
Johannes' blog for GSoC 2016:

Semi-Realtime MIDI note entry

Peter Jonas (shoogle) will implement a new method of entering notes into MuseScore via computer/MIDI keyboard that is more natural to musicians than the existing “step-time” method. The new method will allow the user to play the piece into the computer as though they were giving a live performance, with additional steps taken to ensure the accuracy of the resulting notation. This should make the process of entering notes significantly faster. Peter will be mentored by Nicolas Froment (lasconic).

Peter's fork of MuseScore on GitHub:
Peter's blog for GSoC 2016:


Ruchit Agrawal (shredpub) will add tools to enable annotations within a score in MuseScore. These annotations could be textual or graphical, and would be very helpful in music education settings as well as for practice purposes. His will be mentored by Marc Sabatella.

Ruchit's fork of MuseScore on GitHub:
Ruchit's blog for GSoC 2016:

GSoC 2016: voice to part tool and extended Implode/Explode tool

Felix Brauchle (fbrauchle) will extend the existing tools for implode/explode and add the ability to create parts for voices. He will be mentored by Joachim ‘Jojo’ Schmitz (Jojo-Schmitz).

Felix's fork of MuseScore on GitHub:
Felix's blog for GSoC 2016:

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