Ideas 2010

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Your proposal

We strongly believe that the best proposal for you is the one you'll do. If you have any suggestion pass by the IRC channel #musescore or contact us on the developer mailing list

Add fretboard & tabstaff support in MuseScore

Difficulty: Hard
Skills: C++ / Qt graphics, guitar theory
Possible mentor: Werner
Status: Fretboards partially implemented in development builds for MuseScore. See Implemented

Extend the Qt Script based plugin framework

The plugin framework is still very young but there are already some plugins. Plugin developers have a lot of ideas to bring more features to MuseScore.
Difficulty: Moderate
Skills: C++ / Qt
Possible mentor: lasconic
Status: Implemented

Implement a plugin manager in MuseScore

See plugin manager

  • Define a plugin package and write documentation for plugin developers
  • Create interface in MuseScore to list, install, uninstall plugins
  • Need to deal with security
  • Bonus: Update and compatibity management

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Skills: C++ / Qt
Possible mentor: lasconic
Status: Implemented

Offer self installable language packs on

MuseScore software is translated in more than 20 languages thanks to the drupal based site at The languague files are provided as qm file on this website but a lot of users it would be more convenient to download an auto installable language file.
Difficulty: Moderate
Skills: Depending on your proposition C++ / CMake / NSIS
Possible mentor: lasconic

Automated upgrade of MuseScore

In MuseScore 0.9.6, a automated check for upgrade has been added. For next version, users would be able to check for update, download the upgrade package, install it and restart MuseScore
Difficulty: Moderate to hard
Skills: C++
Possible mentor: thomas_
Status: Implemented

Setup automated testing

MuseScore being an interactive software, it needs UI testing to improve his stability. MuseScore community has setup a wiki page to gather information about this topic. Your role will be to choose the right tool, write testing scenarii etc...
Difficulty: Moderate to hard
Skills: Depending on your proposal
Possible mentor: david

Improve MIDI file import

Improvements in this area could include:

  • Triplet handling
  • Voice and staff separation

Difficulty: Hard
Skills: AI, C++, Music
Possible mentor: werner

Enhance the Audio Widget Library for better user experience

The Audio Widget Library contains the controls for Volume, Mixer etc... Users will benefit a more usable and good looking set of controls.
Difficulty: Easy
Skills: C++, Qt, ergonomy
Possible mentor: lasconic

Play progressive dynamic and tempo changes

Currently MuseScore plays dynamic and tempo changes but can't deal with ritardando or crescendo
Difficulty: Easy to Hard depending on the proposal
Skills: C++, Qt
Possible mentor: lasconic
Status: Partly implemented (crescendo but not ritardando)