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    The official, up-to-date support info is posted at, visit that page and read it first.

    In addition to tutorial material promoted inside Musescore, MuseGroup, the managing company of the MuseScore project maintains an online server for the musician community free of charge. The community volunteers to maintain written handbooks and a collection of help pages collaboratively. To ask for help, use

    Everyone are invited to join the community and encouraged to contribute, see and . Report bugs of Musescore 4 the windows, macOS and linux software at

    There are other really good quality third party tutorial materials, video streams and communities for different level of Musescore users online, most notably created by Mr. Marc Sabatella. While Marc Sabatella has been contributing heavily to MuseScore codebase and official tutorial materials and diligently helping the community for an extended period of time, that site is not affiliated with Muse Group or any of its subsidiary companies.

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