Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Priority Version Replies Sort descending Last updated
Muse String portamento active 4.0 1 2개월
Tremolo Symbols Play: On/Off | AND | Non-playable Tremolo symbols active 3.5 1 3년
You've got your hands full! needs info 3.6 1 1년
Playback Buf needs info 3.5 1 3년
Crashes when select bars and change note value needs info 3.5 1 3년
the organ playback doesnt stop needs info 4.0 1 1년
Crashes on open a file needs info 4.0 1 1년
Playback causes crash active 4.0 1 1년
Staff Text — Odd frame margin behavior active 3.5 1 2년
Numeric Keypad does NOT work in MS4, but continues to work correctly in MS3. For rapid music input, I have an "M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3" (attached by MIDI/USB) and a separate numeric keypad (attached by USB) needs info 4.0 1 1년
Unable to reopen Musescore 4 running on Windows 11 needs info 4.0 1 1년
"Crunchy" sounding audio (for both speakers and headphones) active 4.0 1 1년
No login in Ubuntu SW active 3.2 1 1년
Muse Score 4.0.1 extremely slow in playback and operation. active 4.0 1 1년
Crashing when you change key needs info 4.0 1 1년
When the mixer panel is undocked from the main window, while the sheet is playing, it causes the music to lag active 4.0 1 1년
"Repeat start" barline is at the beginning of bar 8 instead of bar 9 active 4.0 1 1년
What version is installed on the computer? needs info 3.6 1 3년
Plugin documentation has not been updated for 3.6 active 3.6 1 2년
Instrument Change Text Causes Improper MIDI active P1 - High 3.1 1 4년
Provide option to set "quantization fraction" in midi import. active 3.1 1 1년
Issues with autoplacement of bass clefs active P2 - Medium 3.1 1 4년
Random Tempo Increase active 3.1 1 4년
Plugins cannot really substitute underlying chord/rests active P2 - Medium 1 4년
Rimshots? active 3.2 1 4년