Crash while trying do insert note on last bar

• Jan 2, 2010 - 13:52


The program looked neat, entered a lead sheet - unfortunately it CRASHED!!!

I tried to delete bars at the end. I noticed: It does not work. Looked into the forum - No workaround found.
Tried to replace a break by a note (intending to find a workaroud...) but the program just CRASHED!!!

I thought I would become a contributor for the handbook - the german version is not ready as I see - but as I CRASHED!!! with such a simple operation on a very simple document it seems to me this would be in vain.

Please inform me, when the problem is fixed and restoration informormations are beeing. I don't like to work and see my work corrupted.


Rene Adamor


Could you attach the file and give step-by-step instructions. What version are you using? What operating system?

See [[nodetitle:How to report bug or ask for support]]

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