Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort ascending Replies Last updated
Ideas for new features active 10 2년
request for a way to change the balance of a particular sound font, when mixing them active 1 7년
Double Click functions active 6 2년
Spacebar doesn't works after changing BPM value in Inspector active 6 1년
Problème de copier (cmd-C) et coller (cmd-V) needs info 1 6년
Prevent Master Palette from going behind main window (like Mixer, Special Characters, or undocked palettes) active 2 6년
convert sequence of eighth notes into triplet active 0 7년
Zerberus: use of filter sometimes causes pop noise at the beginning of sample playback active 2 3년
MuseScore Online File Plays An Extra Count-in Beat (Hidden Note)? needs info 0 3년
Tablature should be finger-accurate for Guitar MIDI Controllers active 5 8개월
Merging stems and tails active 0 9년
Frame maybe should not be edited synchronously active 1 7년
Timewise delete code needs info 6 3년
Cursor position not correctly set for input method. active 3 9년
[New Site] "My Issues" link/filter unavailable active 4 4년
Articulation not copied active 8 6년
Grace notes not visually included in selection active 0 8년
Handbook: Improve formatting of tables active 5 3년
Flatten score active 2 10년
MDL Drumset's Bass Drum Voice active P1 - High 1 2년
Unsynced margins PR created 8 3년
Bracket can't be extended to end on staff if next staff is invisible active P1 - High 21 3년
Automatically-generated melisma lines active 17 9개월
blue rectangle in navigator has wrong size initially active 6 7년
Playback of slurred notes active 20 2개월