Swap With Clipboard does not remember what was on clipboard and causes issues with selecting multiple items

• Mar 29, 2023 - 15:03

I downloaded Musescore 4 yesterday and I have been experiencing a bug with the "Copy to Clipboard" command. I have been using the Right-Click rather than the shortcuts in order to preform these steps:

This is how I have been able to reproduce the bug:
1. Select a measure and copy it
2. Select a different measure and hit "Swap with Clipboard". The thing I copied gets pasted in that measure correctly.
3. I paste the clipboard into a measure (this is the step that breaks Musescore)

When I try to paste what I have copied from the clipboard into a measure, MuseScore does not paste anything. Also if there were notes in the measure I was trying to paste to, the notes remain there and are not removed.
Furthermore, after trying to paste after using the "Swap with Clipboard" command I am then unable to select measures. No matter how I click on the measure, the measure will not be highlighted in blue. I can still select individual notes however I am unable to select anything more than a single item. Even when I select a note and Shift and Hold Right arrow the selection does not expand.


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