Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Replies Last updated Sort ascending
Add "Frame" Handbook page to online help for frame (vbox or hbox) active 2.1 8 6년
MuseScore violating the Free System Distribution guidelines? active 2.1 9 6년
Overlapping Articulations Cancel active 2.1 1 6년
Tied note doesn't play on repeat active 2.1 6 6년
Confusion with rests in split bars. active 2.1 2 6년
Frame contents offset in absolute values active 2.1 2 6년
Fluidsynth misintepreting loop override data in the Instrument chunk active 2.1 0 6년
MIDI input should use all selection types to determine note active 2.1 0 6년
Artifacts after scaling part active 2.1 0 6년
Single bar changes place when switching from page to continuous view active 2.1 5 6년
Time signature deletion removes other elements active 2.1 3 6년
Wrong vertical shift of note dot when dragging with mouse while holding shift active 2.1 3 6년
Changing display language in iOS Songbook active 2.1 12 6년
QML Dynamic exposure incomplete active 2.1 0 6년
QML DynamicsRange exposure broken active 2.1 0 6년
Changes made in Text Properties do not affect all selected elements active 2.1 12 6년
TAB note movement issue. active 2.1 4 6년
Expose Score's utick2utime and utime2utick to plugins active 2.1 1 6년
Change note entry to interpret white space clicks as scroll requests, not ledger note entry active 2.1 15 6년
Provide a link from forum profile or settings to post history active 2.2 11 6년
Allow navigator to scroll above/below page active 2.2 4 6년
Playback of piano notes is non-legato active 2.1 7 6년
Demo files are converted from previous versions of MuseScore and are not laid out correctly active 2.1 12 6년
Playback should be able to select voices, not just instruments active 2.1 7 6년
Cannot continually tie identical chords using stem active 2.1 5 6년