sticky note input mode

• Jun 6, 2023 - 18:01

Once I enter note input mode and exit (by hitting esc), I seem to still be in it requiring another esc to fully exit. Also occasionally I get stuck in note input mode, with a note attached to my cursor. No amount of esc hitting will exit this. I have to click to enter a note (that I didn't want). Now 2 esc hits allow me to exit note input. I then hit undo to remove the junk note i was forced to enter and suddenly I'm back in note input mode requiring another 2 hits on esc to get out. The video I watched claimed that one esc was all that is required to exit note input mode, but this is not the case.
Is this proper/expected behavior? Is there a better way to do things?


Only one press of Esc should be needed indeed. It could be something specific about how you are entering note input mode or what your are doing while there, or about your specific score. Please attach your score and give more precise steps to reproduce so we can investigate.

Could be your Esc key is on the fritz, of course. A squirt of compressed air might prove beneficial.

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