Transferring of files between MuseScore 3 and MuseScore 4.

• apr 14, 2023 - 03:28

Are you able to transfer song project files between Muse score 3 and transfer them onto Musescore 4?


Best you copy your MS3 scores from ...\Documents\MuseScore3\Scores to ...\Documents\MuseScore4\Scores (or your other preferences).
Then you can open it as usual and keep your old files for security.
Back to MS3 you will have to use MusicXML-export.

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I found the best way to handle this is to open a new folder carefully named that it is ONLY for Musescore 4 files. Then open the file you want from Musescore 3 and save it (Save As) into your new Musescore 4 folder. If you need to work on this score only work on it with Musescore 4 and save it back there

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