Piano: notes crossing staves

• 24 Mei 2019 - 20:21

This is a bit difficult to explain for me in English, but I'll try.
I'm trying to create an already existing piano piece. At a certain moment, the notes in the bass clef go on in the treble clef (see the picture provided). Is there any way to recreate. I've tried cross-staff notation but it's not really the same.
I hope anyone can help

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I see. In my opinion there is a bug here. I set all set directions on the 8th note cluster to stem down, which should prevent MuseScore from flipping the stems when you use cross-staff notation. I would submit a bug report to https://musescore.org/en/node/add/project_issue?pid=1236 and don't be surprised if it gets turned into a suggestion since what you want is not the most common desired result, but I think it should be an option.

The work around, is to adjust the beam line. Double click it and drag the left grab box so the whole line is below the notes, then drag the right grab box to adjust the angle as needed. See my results in the attached file.

Example (5).mscz

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The ones actually agreed on as bugs, and regressions versus 2.3.2, were all fixed. There were a couple of recognized bugs that have been with us since MuseScore 1 (!) like collisions of seconds cross-staff that remain unfixed, in part because even though we might all agree some cases are bugs, there are other cases where the behavior isn't so clear, so it isn't obvious what the general rule should be. To me, this particular issue is in that category as well. It's been like this for years, and while there might be some cases where most would agree on an expected result, it's difficult to establish a general rule. And I think the result we get by default here is what most would want most of the time. It might be nice indeed to come up with a better behavior for the "X" command here, but really, cross-staff beams have more than just two possible directions.

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