How to save sheet music to pdf

• Mar 18, 2023 - 09:49

I wanted to ask how to save notes in pdf and also generate an mp3 file from the same notes.


  1. Click Plik -> Eksportuj..., choose Format: Plik PDF, and click Eksportuj....
  2. Click Plik -> Importuj PDF..., on the web page, click Select PDF, and select your PDF file. After processing, you can download your converted PDF files on this web page.
  3. Open your converted MSCZ file in MuseScore - click Plik -> Otwórz..., and select your MSCZ file.
  4. Click Plik -> Eksportuj..., choose Format: Plik dźwiękowy MP3, and click Eksportuj....

Greetings, G.

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