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• out 6, 2020 - 02:40

I want to write this identical phrase 220814F9-3738-47EA-8D02-048669B36EAB.jpeg , but I don't know how to do it, can someone help me?


What is the time signature and is there anything else in the measure? What you want is possible but not something I would ever expect to see.

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That's fine. You will want to create this with all rests so you can then enter the appropriate drum on the staff using your normal method.

*Make the first rest a dotted 1/2 rest (3 beats)
*Select it and press ctrl+4
*Select the bracket and open the inspector (F8) and set the Number Type to Ratio
*You now have 4 1/4 rests under the bracket. Select each one (one at a time) and press 4 to turn them into two 8th rests each.
*Select the first 8th rest in each group (you can select 1 then ctrl+click each of the others to select all of them at once) and press ctrl+3 to turn them into triplets of 16th rests.
*Enter the notes using your normal method (if any of them are in voice 2 you will need to change the drumset definition so they are in voice 1.
*Your beaming will probably not match, so you will need to open the palettes (press F9) and find the Beam properties palette. Select the third note in the second triplet and select the beam start icon (it looks like a 16th note with the beam only going to the right). Any other notes that are not right, click then select the beam middle icon (looks like a 16th note with beams on both sides) in the beam properties palette.
*You can use lyrics (press ctrl+L to add a lyric) for the "1 ah & e 4" under the notes.

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