Updated 2 maande ago

    MuseScore provides brackets and a curly brace in the Brackets palette (Advanced workspace).

    Brackets Palette


    To add a bracket or brace to systems, use one of two methods:

    • Drag a bracket/brace icon from a palette on to the staff where you want the bracket/brace to start.
    • Select a measure on the staff where you want the bracket/brace to start, and double-click the desired icon in a palette.


    • Select the bracket and press Del.


    • Drag the desired icon from a palette onto an existing bracket/brace in the score.


    When you first apply a bracket it only spans one staff. To extend to other staves:

    1. Enter Edit mode.
    2. Drag the handle downwards to span the required staves. The handle snaps into position, so exact placement is not required.


    The default thickness and distance from the system of brackets and braces can be adjusted in Format→ Style... → System.

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