Updated 9 jare ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Frames

Frames provide empty space outside of normal measures. They can also contain text or pictures. MuseScore has two kinds of frames:

Horizontal Frame
Horizontal frames break a system. The width is adjustable and the height equals the system height. Horizontal frames can be used to separate a coda.
Vertical Frame
Vertical frames provide empty space between or before systems. The height is adjustable and the width equals the system width. Vertical frames are used to place title, subtitle, lyricist or composer. If you create a title, a vertical frame is placed before the first measure automatically, if it is not already there.

Create a frame

Select a measure. The command to insert a frame is found in the menu CreateMeasures . The frame is inserted before the selected measure.

Delete a frame

Select the frame and press Del.

Edit frame

Double click the frame to enter edit mode . A handle appears which can be used to drag the size of the frame.

Title frame in edit mode:

Horizontal frame