Can someone tell me how to work with this program?

• Апр. 3, 2020 - 20:14

So, i have this project and it's for homework, because of university and can someone tell me how to move my bar tact, cause I'm going crazy?


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Hi Marc, can I just chip in here and say how impressed I am with your MuseScore tutorial course, which I have just discovered? A great resource for those starting out with MuseScore and also for those who want to learn some skills beyond the basics. Superbly explained with steady progression throughout! Thank you.

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What time signature are you in, and what kind of notes? MuseScore follows the standard rules of notation. So if you are in 4/4 time, you can only put four quarter notes in a measure. That's not some arbitrary limitation of MsueScore, that's how music notation works. If you want more than four notes in a 4/4 measure, they should be eighth notes or shorter. Basically, whatever rhythm you want to have, that's what you should enter.

There are some very special cases where you might be trying to notate music that doesn't actually use a time signature. If that's the case with what you are doing, you can use the Join and Split commands in Tools / Measures to create measure of whatever length you like. Also you can use Ctrl+Shift+letter while entering notes to insert them.

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