How to delete a pause

• Ноем. 7, 2021 - 12:14
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Your time signature is 2/4, and you have two beats in the measure, so it's correct as is already. Deleing the rests would leave you with too few beats. So that's not the right way to do whatever it is you are trying to do.
I'm guessing you actually want to change the rhythm into something else, replacing those silences with sound, but it's not exactly clear what you want instead - I just am pretty sure it's not a score with too few beats. If you really want those eighth notes to be quarters, just change them directly (click a note, press the quarter note button). The rests then get replaced automatically. Or maybe you want a new note where the rest is? Then just click the rest and enter the new note - again, the rest is replaced automatically. Or maybe you actually want those two measures to be twice as fast - which is to say, half the duration. In that case, select the two measures, cut, then Edit / Paste Half Duration.

If none of those are it, then please explain your goal in more detail and we can show you how to achieve it.

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