Transportar una melodía a otro instrumento

• Aug 29, 2023 - 11:55

Hola, disculpen pero he usado MuseScore 4 y he intentado transportar la melodía de la canción "T'estimo de Belén Aguilera (2019) " y no me deja hacerlo...
¿Cómo lo puedo solucionar?


Translation for this English-language forum:
Transfer [Transpose?] a melody to another instrument
Hi, I'm sorry but I used MuseScore 4 and I tried to transfer [transpose?] the melody of the song "T'estimo de Belén Aguilera (2019) " and it doesn't let me do it....
How can I solve it?

We are in danger of "getting lost in translation"!

What exactly are you trying to do?
Copiar / Transferir / Transportar / Transponer una melodía a otro instrumento
Copy? Transfer? Transport? Transpose?

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