Problems When Trying to Fit Long Measures in a Single Line

• Oct 26, 2021 - 21:45

Hello, I am seeking for some particular info for my case. The thing is that i want to fit 4 measures every single line, with no exception. My main problem here, as i am transcribing solos with a lot of notes, Musescore won't let me fit some of them in a single line. And that leads having one measure in a single line. Now, that doesn't look as clean as it could be.

I've already tried the "{" or "}" but it has a limit. Here i give you an example. Thanks!!!

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The limit is just the laws of physics - you can only fit so many notes and rests on a line without them starting to bump into each other, and that's what happening here. So you're going to need to change something to allow more to fit. Either small staves, smaller margins, bigger paper, or small minimum distance between notes, etc. It's hard to advise further from just a picture, but as a start, go to Format / Style / Score and turn off the indentation. If that doesn't allow you to fit the next measure, and you need help with other suggestions given here, please attach the actual score instead of just the picture and we can help from there.

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