Musescore crashes immediately after starting the .exe

• jan 9, 2016 - 11:33

First of all i'm using Windows 10 Home (1511) and a Creative Sound Blaster Zx internal sound card.
Installation works all fine, but when I start musescore.exe (out of the bin-folder) the windows-popup : "musescore.exe hast stopped working...please close the program." comes up.
I have tried
-portable versions
-every compatibility-mode (win8/7/xp...)
-nightly version
-administration mode
-64bit version
everywhere the same issue.

program compatibility assistant says: "Incompatible program"...

Anybody out there who can solve this problem? ;)

[Sry for my bad english skills]


Hello and welcome to MuseScore.
If your system is a 64bit system, have you tried the 64bit unofficial version?
There were reports in which a 64bit audio driver was causing a crash at startup, it could be also your case.
You can find the 64bit unofficial version here:
You need 7zip ( ) to extract the archive, and then the executable file is located inside the "bin" folder.

Hope this helps.


Hello again,
The workaround without the synthesizer works fine.
But I really need the synthesizer now.

Anyother ideas to solve my problem? :(

It seems to be an issue with the soundcard+win10. Had removed it yesterday for testing and MuseScore works fine.
And soundcard+win7 works fine too...

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I think you can try to change the portaudio dll shipped with MuseScore with a more recent one; maybe some possible incompatibilities were solved.
You can donwload one from here (case A):
or here (case B):…

Instruction for case A:
- Click libportaudio32bit.dll (or "libportaudio64bit.dll" if using the 64bit unofficial MuseScore version);
- Click "download" button;
- Rename the dll to "portaudio.dll";
- See below for instruction common to both cases.

Instruction for case B:
- Download the zip file;
- Find file portaudio-r1891-build\lib\Win32\ReleaseMinDependency\portaudio_x86.dll (the 64bit unofficial MuseScore version already uses the 64bit dll from this link)
- Copy the dll and rename it to "portaudio.dll";
- See below for instruction common to both cases.

Common instructions:
- Open MuseScore bin folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin
- Rename portaudio.dll to portaudio.dll.old (or cut and copy it into another location, to have a backup copy);
- Paste the new portaudio.dll from case A or case B in this folder.

Then you can try to launch MuseScore (possibly with -F for a reset to default settings).

Hope this helps.

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@SFRacing: Sorry to hear that.
It is unfortunately difficult to understand what is exactly going wrong. If you feel adventurous enough, you could try to run a debug build and post the output as a txt attachment here. Maybe it could cast some light on what is exactly (e.g. the exact audio driver, or else) causing the crash and possibly help us in patching the bug.
You can use this old debug version (at the moment I can't compile an updated debug version of MuseScore 2.0.3):
I strongly suggest that you substitute the portaudio dll of this debug build with the one of case B (… ) of the previous comments, since it outputs more debug information.

Instruction on how to use the debug build:

Thank you for your collaboration.

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Thank you for providing the log file.
The driver responsible for the crash is "Creative Sound Blaster Z Series ASIO" ("Creative SBZ Series ASIO" in the log).
You could try to update that driver, or you can try to use this version of portaudio which I tried to build without ASIO support:
In principle it should not try to load ASIO drivers and other audio output api should work (hopefully).

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I was having the same problem as Voitex. I'm new to Musescore, but had version 2.1 working just fine on a new HP notebook w/ Win10 Pro. Over the course of a couple weeks I was able to edit the tutorial file, then create a new file to put the melody and chords of a fiddle tune to paper. I had problems printing the page, and restarting the computer resolved that. But then upon opening Musescore I started getting the identical messages that it was trying to install the Avid HD driver. Opening with the -F option did not help. Opening with -s was successful, but then there was no sound. Tried the A) and B) versions of the portaudio.dll, and the portable version of Musescore. All had the same results. My notebook onboard sound card is Realtek, not Soundblaster. I tried your new compiled version of portaudio.dll (without the ASIO drivers) and it seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the file, but I'm scratching my head.

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