Musescore searching for "Avid HD Driver (x64).msi" and won't open

• May 1, 2017 - 21:15

I have tried reinstalling various times, removing all traces I could of any AVID products and drivers I had, tried the portable version of the app.

When it starts, it starts to install the "Avid HD Driver (x64)" and then can't find the package, prompts me to locate it, so I press cancel. Then it goes to a small windows installer screen saying "preparing installation", where it freezes and I can't even cancel it. So I have to close the process via the task manager.

I am at a bit of a loss as I don't understand why musescore requires any AVID drivers, or why it seeks to install it when its starting up.

I am on a x64 system, windows 10.



Ok so I have seemed to fix it!

User ABL said
I think you can try to change the portaudio dll shipped with MuseScore with a more recent one; maybe some possible incompatibilities were solved.
You can donwload one from here (case A):
or here (case B):
Instruction for case A:
- Click libportaudio32bit.dll (or "libportaudio64bit.dll" if using the 64bit unofficial MuseScore version);
- Click "download" button;
- Rename the dll to "portaudio.dll";
- See below for instruction common to both cases.
Instruction for case B:
- Download the zip file;
- Find file portaudio-r1891-build\lib\Win32\ReleaseMinDependency\portaudio_x86.dll (the 64bit unofficial MuseScore version already uses the 64bit dll from this link)
- Copy the dll and rename it to "portaudio.dll";
- See below for instruction common to both cases.
Common instructions:
- Open MuseScore bin folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin
- Rename portaudio.dll to portaudio.dll.old (or cut and copy it into another location, to have a backup copy);
- Paste the new portaudio.dll from case A or case B in this folder.
Then you can try to launch MuseScore (possibly with -F for a reset to default settings).
Hope this helps.

Thank you ABL - if you see this!

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How can you have had 2.1 installed and working and one day it stopped working, if 2.1 was released just yesterday?

Anyway, I believe all 2.x versions use the same portaudio.dll (and possibly even all 1.x versions too). Which exactly was the one that solved your issue?

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Oops, I am not sure which version I was running previously in that case. When I attempted to solve the problem I quickly did a reinstall, and didn't pay attention to which version I had previously.

I used the "CASE B" that ABL mentions in the comment I pasted above.

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