unable to open musescore2.02

• Aug 2, 2015 - 00:12

Installed musescore with no problem. When finished the launch started but crashed and a window open to either close musescore or have windows do a fix. I noticed that I do not have musescore 2 folder in the appdata folder\roaming under the user thus no ini file or anything. This is windows 7 Pro with 12 GB Ram and several TB hard drive. Brand new install, never installed musescore on this PC. The installation process went as seen in the install handbook.


Tried all the recommended solutions. Changed the ini file preferences. but no luck. Noticed that someone had problems with Wacom tablet. Using bamboo Wacom pen and touch tablet. could this be the problem Musescore had been working great before with tablet and just recently stopped working. the tablet was installed several yrs ago and no problems with musescore. could the issue be with the latest version 2.02

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I am slighltly confused with your messages, as first you state it is installed in a new install PC and later you mentioned it worked fine before.
However, not having the musescore folder in appdata/roaming does sound strange to me but it could be that this is only created once MuseScore is correct started at least once.

I would recommend to perform the -F option first and report the results. Also you perhaps you can verify the messages in the windows event log, their MIGHT be an indication in there to what is causing this issue.

Also, if you don't want to wait for Windows 10, you can force the Windows 10 upgrade manually by downloading and install using the media creation tool: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-insta…

One can always hope that it will fix the issue and it would be nice one to try, since it is available.

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Wait a minute, are you talking about *installing* MuseScore or *running* it? Do you already have a "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore2" folder? And in it, a "bin" folder, containing "MuseScore.exe"? And that is the program you tried to run from the command line> Still waiting on you to report exactly what you see printed in the terminal window when running this. Casn you please verify you *do* have a terminal window open (has a black background normally), that you typed "MuseScore.exe -F" into that window, and show a screenshot of what that looks like immediately before hitting "Enter" and then also after something happens (or fails to happen)?

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Had no problems installing MuseScore, but unable to open. However the portable musescore did open fine. What is the difference I do not know. thus in that sense musescore is working with that application. Since it is essentially the same, I guess we can call this thread finished.
However I did the factory reset with musescore.exe -F and the cmd window stayed open and I got no messages about errors. It returned me to the bin folder. I hope that provides some clarity to the issues. I tried to copy the messges in cmd window but having problems doing so.

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Still having problems with musescore launching. No problems with installation. Seme folder or different folder. Clicked on musescore in bin folder and nothing happened. Tried the nightly version aut could not find where it was installed and nothing opened. Ayone come across this problem and a solution. Tried to run in safe mode but musescore does not run in safe mode with some drivers. Sone of them appear to be causing my problem with the running of the program.

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Extracted in folder and clicked on nightly.exe and could not see anything happening. Nothing opened. Appears to have same problem as musescore. I get the ball indicating something is happening but that disappears withing several seconds. Tried the command to go factory settings again nothing appears to be happening. Downloaded a fresh copy after cleaning the drive but did not help. I know musescore works in windows 10 since I downloaded it and opened it on a different PC.

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You can try with the following debug build, which generates a log file:
(MuseScoree342fda_debug.zip - md5 checksum: 5476a9dfbf1242ead1b66489660bc0ab
~158 MB compressed and ~509 MB when uncompressed)
It is a self-build (in debug mode) of e342fda
How to use it:
1- extract the zip folder;
2- click on the file "reset_and_debug.bat" inside the extracted folder;
3- it launches MuseScore (and performs a reset to factory settings) and records the debug output in the file "log_file.txt"; please attach that file to a comment in this thread.
The log file can hopefully cast some light on what is going wrong in your case.


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It confuses me as well: there is nothing except a warning from Qt. The "Untested Windows version" message is only a qWarning and it should not interrupt the execution of the application.
I suspect that it will be shown for everyone using MuseScore (compiled with Qt 5.4.2 or below) under Windows 10.
It seems that MuseScore is blocked or frozen (?). Or it seems like something is preventing the application to be launched (but then I would not expect even the Qt warning).
Can you check if your antivirus is letting the application run?
Can you try to launch MuseScore.exe as an administrator?

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that response from the debug and call log with untested windows 10 version. made me decide to call Microsoft about it. Sort of helped since what they had me do was to run msconfig Win +R keys and click on selective startup if not checked. click on first item which is load selective services which had a solid square. Clicking on the box removed and clicking again put a check mark there . Also make sure there is check mark in use original boot configuration. then go to services and click on box below services to hide all microsoft services. Then disable all services and reboot. When I rebooted musescore worked. I then went thru the process of putting services back and rebooting to see if can figure out which service interferred with musescore. I am not actually clear as to which service interferred since it appeared that the last 4 services prevented it from opening. One was the wacom consumer service another the logitech mouse. When I reactivated them still able to open musescore. Had to remove iobit programs due to the fact that the antivirus trend micro recommended by microsoft did not like them and would not install if they were on the system. In my system I have them and the wacom tablet and have no problems with windows 10. Using msconfig to eliminate services appears to be the best way to find out what services interferred with musescore but confused why the debugger would come up with a log text file stating that this was an untested windows 10 version. that still leaves me confused but anyway musescoreworks and I want to thank everyone for their help. Especially ABL for sending me the site for the debugger. that started me thinking in another direction.

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Wow, I'm glad it's working for you finally!

I know there have been problems in the past involving conflcits with Wacom products - see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/known-incompatibilities-0 - but your problem seemed different. Would be interesting to eventually figure out the specific problem here, but since it seems to be rare, and it's working for you now, and we at least have something to suggest if anything runs into something like this again, I am happy to we have reached this point at least.

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I was so happy to get it working again and I would not wish this issue on anybody. Took too long to figure out an approach. I think having a list of items that potentially could interfere with musescore would be a good thing for musescore to put on their web page. Everybody's system configuration is different even with the same items that interfere that we all need to know how to diagnose our problems and see if we can find an answer. All the encouragement I got from the people on this forum was great and helped me find the problem.

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