cannot download application

• Jul 22, 2015 - 12:44

HI...using vista, tried many times to download the application but doesn't work, there is a link to click if download doesn't work, but still the same? please suggest, many thanks....regards, david


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I have Vista and FF 39.0 and downloading works. Check the option "allow MuseScore" on your antivirus Try to change the destination folder of the download.
Tries to give more information. For example: you receive a warning?/which antivirus do you use?

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I am just an end user, not computer expert, I don't know how to explain further or how to remove cache of downloads. anyway, many thanks for all the help and the responses were all very efficient, the best I ever experienced. If you can't sent me the software, it's ok, I understand you guys been tried to assist the best you could, see if I can find something else, lot of thanks, cheers.

Application downloaded just fine. Working on my wife's PC. She has the same problem I did. Musescore downloads and installs ok. Starts to open with circling button then just stops. It had been working great for several weeks even with windows 10. I am wondering if one of the updates could have screwed up the ability of musescore 2.02 to open. Tried the portable file, same problems. tried the running as administrator same problem, Ran the compatability issue and according to Microsoft it is not compatable with 10. However on my PC it opens fine in windows 10. Not sure what the difference is between the 2 pc except that I removed avg, advanced system care , spybot all of which I have suggested has negative effects on the ability to install or run other programs. Has anyone experienced this aspect.

Ran the musescore.exe -F as directed and got the blue circle suggesting that was happening but only lasted 3 sec. then back to command line. Unable to ascertain anything working in background. but does not look like it.

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Not sure what you mean by Echap. Did the 3 finger salute from command line as well as desktop. Nothing happened. Looked in task manager processes and services and no musescore.m also tried some command line options such as mscore -d or musescore.exe -d for debug. I read somewhere that someone had debuged it and I was unable to find that file or location of the person.

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actually crlt+alt+delete brings up task manager menu for opening task manager. Crlt+shift+esc opens the task manager. Thank you making me aware of that aspect. However I could not find any reference to musescore under processes or under services. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall but I had not rebooted the PC in between. Sometimes that can make a difference. I am going to try it.

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