Issues for MuseScore

Title Status Priority Version Sort descending Replies Last updated
Stem direction changes upon action active 3 5 years
Instrument table and text in Find clears after ticking show more active 0 6 years
single piano stave with bass clef turns to treble after property edit active 11 3 months
Display essentials of navigator active 2 6 years
Beaming across rests results in collisions active 2 7 years
Drums Notation/entry features active 7 5 years
MIDI Keyboard Transport (Remote Control) not working active 4 9 years
[MusicXML] Tempo marking with decimal not handled correctly active 1 2 months
"Signaler un bug" in french "Report a bug" needs info 11 4 years
Backward compatibility for scores to fix previous bar count bug involving anacrusis active 2 8 years
[trunk] SVG graphics imported into a palette are not placeable in the score active 0 8 years
[EPIC] handbook issues active 9 5 months
Improve alignment of duration dots after notes active 0 4 years
Glissando collides with accidentals active 4 6 years
SECTION_BREAK on non-measure MEASURE_BASE does not incur pause before starting next section PR created 1 1 year
Double bar added via click barline / double click palette not saved active 1 6 years
Missing Version Resource in Musescore.exe active 0 4 years
Controls in Staff Text Properties non-intuitive active 0 5 years
Second dragged slur not selected active 9 5 years
Request special case for select next measure to select to end if in last measure active 9 5 years
[capella import] Destroys Fingering needs info 9 1 month
Handbook (pdf): Headers (H3, H4, H5) need to stay on same page as next paragraph active 2 2 years
[Trunk] Script Debugger interface is messed active 0 8 years
[Trunk] Saw Wave isn't selected in Mixer active 0 8 years
Switching of playback devices is not recognized active 0 4 years