Release notes for MuseScore 1.3

Updated 6 Jahren ago

MuseScore 1.3 was released February 28, 2013.

MuseScore 1.3 is mainly a bug fix release. Two bugs causing a major nuisance and a dozen of smaller ones have been fixed. No new features have been added. The translations and the handbooks have been updated.

Bug fixes


  • Fix #19148 : Distortion in sound playback after several measures of play due to reverb
  • Improve the stability of the sequencer and user interface interaction


  • Fix crash when loading files with invalid tuplet
  • Fix crash when exporting parts with voltas
  • Fix possible crash during MusicXML import
  • Fix crash when changing voices without valid input state

User Interface

  • Fix #16692 : Save and Save As dialogue boxes fail to open when Title contains colon
  • Fix last element in file format combo box in the File -> Open Dialog is empty on Mac OS X
  • Fix Two percussion clefs in palette
  • Fix #16301 : Verbose program listing in Add/Remove Programs
  • Change default shortcut for voices to Ctrl + Alt + Voice number (Previous shortcuts were not working on Mac)
  • Fix small icons on Windows and Mac
  • Add 1024x1024 icons on Mac OSX for retina display
  • Fix: Fermata applied to rest isn’t positioned where it was placed until score is saved and re-opened
  • Better looking new score wizard on Mac OS X
  • Fix: Two invisible boxes in 'Lines'



  • Windows binaries are now signed with an Authenticode certificate
  • Windows installer is also available in MSI format to ease the deployment of MuseScore through Group Policy
  • Both Windows installers are signed with an Authenticode certificate


  • Updated “Save online” plugin, cosmetic changes
  • Updated ABC import plugin, support for larger files

MuseScore 1.3 is packaged with Qt 4.8.4 on Windows and Mac OS X.